Sophie Mahoney | Gut & Mental Health Dietitian

Sophie is an Accredited Practising Dietitian, holding a Bachelor of Nutrition and Exercise Sciences from the University of Queensland, and a Master of Nutrition and Dietetic Practice from Bond University.

Prior to running her own business, Sophie worked for one of Australia’s largest private employers of dietitians for over 10 years, starting in administration. It is here that Sophie’s interest for lifestyle medicine and mental health began, as she noticed client after client becoming happier and more energetic after improving their diet. This wasn’t just anecdotal – results from the clinic’s mental health surveys consistently showed a clear trend for improvements to client’s depression, anxiety and stress levels pre- and post- their health program led by the dietitians. Seeing the impact that improving nutrition and movement could have on people’s health and happiness was inspiring which led to Sophie enrolling in a nutrition degree. 

After transitioning from administration to a managing dietitian at the clinic, Sophie consulted with hundreds of clients helping them to achieve sustainable weight loss, overcome emotional eating and form a healthier relationship with food.

From conducting thousands of consultations with clients, Sophie has noticed that symptoms such as low energy and mood, anxiety and gut issues often co-exist for many people and can often be resolved through dietary changes without the need for long-term, restrictive diets. This is the key focus of her signature 1:1 program designed for women wanting to improve their mood, boost their energy and optimise their gut health. 

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