Are you tired of languishing and just feeling 'blah'? 

Take control of your gut and mood issues with my 16-week personalised online program

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 Does this sound familiar? 

  • Are you tired of having no energy to get through the day and constantly hitting the afternoon energy slump?

  • Are you struggling with low mood and/or anxiety?

  • Are you struggling with emotional eating and not being able to break yo-yo dieting habits?

In The Next 16 Weeks, You Could…

  • Say goodbye to uncomfortable gut symptoms and hello to better gut health

  • Find a diet that works for you without sacrificing the foods you love

  • Get through the day with optimal mood and energy


Happy Guts & Mind Program

The Happy Guts & Mind Program is designed for people wanting to improve their mood, boost their energy and optimise their gut health without sacrificing the foods they love.

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Throughout the program, you'll learn how to: 

  • Uncover the secrets for creating sustainable behaviour change to set yourself up for long-term success

  • Learn how to eat your way to a healthier mind, better mood, improved energy and lowered anxiety

  • Optimise your gut health and take control of uncomfortable gut symptoms

  • Gain control of food and combat emotional eating with my step-by- step technique

What's Included...

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8 x Online Appointments

We'll spend this time tailoring advice specific to you, so that you can pinpoint your gut triggers quickly and effectively.

8 x Email Check Ins

To help you stay motivated and accountable throughout the journey, and allowing you to have more support when you need it.


 24:7 Access to the Program Portal

Further your learning by having access to over 30 videos I've created specifically for the program. You can also access recipes, resources, assessments and more.

Here's why it's different... 

  • Many IBS programs don't focus on the gut-brain axis or gut health, despite these being so closely linked.

  • 1:1 weekly support - there's no one size fits all, especially when it comes to gut health. I can help tailor advice specific to you.

  • As a researcher in IBS and its link with our mood, I can bring you the latest ground breaking research in the field of diet, IBS and gut health to help you cut through the confusion.

  • You'll learn how to manage your symptoms beyond diet, incorporating important lifestyle strategies for your gut and mental health.

On the program, I'll guarantee that...

  • I'll bring the latest evidence-based advice
  • You'll feel supported and listened to along the way 
  • I'll be committed to finding solutions that work for you

I'm Sophie

I'm an Accredited Practising Dietitian and expert in nutrition for gut and mental health. As a fellow IBS sufferer myself, I've learnt over many years that tackling IBS symptoms doesn't come from one strategy or diet. It takes a combined approach that is individually tailored to you. I'm passionate about helping people achieve optimal gut health without the need for long-term, restrictive diets. 


Accredited Practising Dietitian

Monash Certified FODMAP Dietitian

Research Fellow in IBS and mental health

This Is For You If...

  • You're constantly putting up with uncomfortable gut symptoms 
  • You want to feel yourself again and get through the day with confidence and energy
  • You feel as though you know what to do, but find it hard to make it happen

Frequently Asked Questions

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Unsure about the program? 

If you want to learn more about the program before applying, book a no-obligation complimentary discovery call with me to discuss further.

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